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Professional Window Tint Installations

Protect Yourself From UV Radiation

Reduce your exposure to UV radiation and get rid of trucker's tan with our top-quality car window tints. Our window tints can provide up to 99% protection from UV radiation. Let the skilled professionals at B Audio Sound install window tints and films on your car. 

We will ensure that no ripple or bubble appears in your car window tint after its installation. Our work is backed by a lifetime GUARANTEE!
Window Tint

Rely on Us for Exceptional Window Tint Installations

  • Viper Window Tint
  • American Standard Window Film
  • Prevent your interiors from fading
  • Stop sunburn and skin cancer
  • Add value to your vehicle
  • Enjoy easy sleeping on long car rides
  • Reduce glare on navigation screens
  • Ultimate heat reduction with available ceramic films
  • Enjoy that much wanted privacy you have been seeking
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Viper window Tint
Made in USA
NO HASSLE LifeTime Guarantee!
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